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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fave Friday

Excuse me... May I have everyone attention please....I have a very important announcement to make: This is my 'Very First' Post...that's right not Time Ms Betty Wright.....but Post! What better day to begin this journey than on my Fave Friday. Friday is my favorite day of the week--the end of a work week and the beginning of a play weekend. My anticipation today was starting this journey with Friday's down look and was sure The Man (my hubby) would help me with a few snap shots. That didn't work out too well...he tried but my excitement didn't mix well with his desire for sleep. I know, I know next time tripod, but this time it is what it is........

DKNY Jean ($24.99 ) & Tee ($10.99) - Burlington Coat Factory


  1. Hi Sonya,
    Welcome to the BlogWhirl! Sit up and enjoy the ride. This is the beginning of a new beginning!!
    Happy Friday...

  2. I am enjoying the ride! Thanks for doing what you do once again. You Rock!


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