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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm Neutral

Hello all, as I said before I am working on adding color to me wardrobe... a second glance at this effort tells me I need to try again. Instead of color this would be my neutral! Oh well....I was still cute! :)

 Pants -New York & Company
Sweater w/mock Blouse -New York & Company

Color Challenge still on!


  1. SAT, I like...Now let me cr8 you some funky orange or pink earrings for ya!

    I love the pants! And I need to get me some blue and coral linen pants. Any ideas?
    (Of course for a tall one! Cuz I am tall)


  2. Dern let me see those shoes! Ummmhuh!

  3. That is what's missing here...accessories! Sounds like we need a lil' shopping excursion...


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