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Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Black is Beautiful!

Hello all, we are at the close of another weekend; hope it was a great one for you, because it was for me! Saturday was FUN! I shall post about that later. Sunday we had dinner at my brother's.....here is what I wore (my signature black)...I am working on adding color to my wardrobe.

I got this cutie from TJ Maxx over a year ago.

I am loving this back!

Bracelet -Brooke's Closet....Thanks BC.
                                                              BTW...I need another invite to BC.


  1. Came cross your blog via The Mac Styles… the dress looks sooo comfortable & you set it off with that BC accessory piece!!!!

  2. Love your dress love the detailing in the back.

  3. Thanks Inez. The back was what did it for me!
    Love your blog.!

  4. Wow, love the back of the dress it's so pretty and the bracelet is soooo cute! You look great!

  5. Thanks Katie Mac, I always get compliments on the back and the bracelet too!

  6. This dress is so pretty and classy! Love the bracelet also! You look very chic! :)

  7. Yeppers that dress is FIERCE!.
    Awww We love you in the Closet!

  8. @ Strictli Hair thanks. The bracelet was a BIG hit!
    Love you blog. Got my eye on a style or 2 that I want to try... thanks :)!

  9. @ I Goodie 2 Shoes thank you soooooooo much. As you can see the bracelet is a hit; everyone love, loves it. Looks like I need to place another order :)!

  10. I love the back of your dress! You look great!

  11. Thank you! The back is a hit everytime I wear it.


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