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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BET Awards 2011

 Hello All, ...so I finally sat down to watch the BET Awards 2011 and I was somewhat surprised and definitely disappointed. Is it me or is this awards show not what it use to be??? I may not be up on the latest hip hop performers but this show as a whole left me with a WTH expression plastered on me face! Here is my take on this year's show.
                       I would like Trey to keep his keep his shirt on.
Trey Songz

Ace Hood???
I was not familiar with Mr. Ace but isn't this the dude that came out with no shirt on and his pants down to his thighs! My first thought was 'REALLY?' Are guys still doing that?????

We had Rick Ross showing too much skin, Lil Wayne wearing the American flag, my Braxton sisters still trying for that record deal with the harmonizing, and can someone please tell me what happened to Alexander Oneal?

Jill Scot did her thang thang! And Idris Elba...well I love all things chocolate.

Loves me some Mary J....but for me something was
off about this opening act! Still love Mary though.
                                         Mary J Blige
Mary Mary never disappoints! ...not
her fault she was caught off guard
with the award right after she had
taken off her shoes...hmmmm
Mary Mary

Patti Labelle
Patti is another favorite of mine. Luvs her! I wasn't thrilled with Cee Lo being apart of the tribute to Ms Patti. That took something away from it for me.

We ALL have a renewed appreciation for Kelly Rowland! With a wide brim hat, tight abs and the sexiest moves we've seen in a minute, Kelly stole the show!

My pick of the night was Kelly Rowland. I have always been a fan and I thought her performance was great (it almost made the show worth watching)! I think this recognition was well deserved and has been a long time coming!
Go Kelly!!!!!!!!!!!!

What was your take on the BET Awards 2011?


  1. Sonya, my Sonya....Honey Chile....where do I start??? LOL!! Trey Songz just needs to sing..THAT'S IT! Ace hood, those were jail muscles!! FAIL! Lil Wayne performed "On One" which he CLEARLY was "On One"! I'm gonna have to agree with Kevin Hart, Rick Ross NEEDS a sports bra, ASAP! Mary Mary was great! Jill Scott was wonderful! Idris Elba...1 word, SEXY! Mary J, love her but PLEASE let go of the ponytails & weren't those Winter shoes? Patti LaBelle STILL got it goin on! Kelly Rowland, showed up and showed out! She put Beyonce to shame! For me, Kelly & Kevin made the show worth watching! Last but not least, Alexander O'neal....needs a dentist on speed dial! 0_o LOL!! Great Post! :)

  2. @Stricli Hair...'Oh My Goodness'.
    We are definitely on the same page here! Too funny. You had me cracking up with this post!

  3. BET is a DIS_Appointment! I sooo wish they would show better shows and also step up those "Hoodie" award shows to a Mature level.

    I posted all what I had to say on FaceBook the night of the Awards and I was not happy.

    PATTI WAS DISRESPECTED & that's all I have to say!
    BET step it UP! plz


  4. @V, so true.....BET needs an upgrade!

  5. BET needs overhauling, me thinks. Kelly Rowland stood out anyways. Nice post

  6. @mykey, yes, Kelly Ro sooo stole the show.

  7. Awesome post! I agree the BET awards were a total mess but hey they got us talking about it days later….so I guess BET did something right! LOL

  8. @Katie Mac, I guess you are right. Good, Bad, or Indifferent...the discussion is keeping them relevant. :)

  9. I was so disappointed with this awards show as well. We are so talented and yet its always the fools that represent us. Everyone needs to keep their shirts on and their pants on their waist!!! Lastly, I wish people would act their age. Mary looks so regal on the red carpet and then she wants to re-live her real love days??? Mary everyone knows you're in your forties!! Also Mr. Sean Combs you are in your forties as well, a business man and multi millionaire can we please remove the gold teeth??

    love this post - sorry for my rant lol


  10. OMGGGG!!!!! I have LOL & spit out my COKE!!!! This POST is hilarious just the Friday Funny that I needed!!!! I agree with ALL comments... lawd, my side is hurting from LMBO!!!

    ~Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  11. @Rose from Rosedale, no worries on the rant; we all did!

    @LA Lynn's, I know right. These comments are too funny! Happy Weekend.


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