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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Sunday

Hello All, I went wayyy back on Sunday with this one; purchased at JCP Outlet over 8 eight years ago. Looks like I have to retire this until I can get some more weight on these bones! :)
But I really like it, Super Cool and Super Comfy.

Received a good word on Sunday; coming from Mark 5:25-34. Topic 'How to Stop the Bleeding!'
So many of us are walking leaving a trail of blood in our path. Bleeding over everything from mistreating folks, to lying and cheating, and everything in between. When it's time to go to church we will wrap ourselves in that spiritual gauze or our pretty church clothes in hopes of stopping or concealing the bleeding. We do conceal it from many...family, friends, co-workers and the Pastor at times. BUT be not mistaken the bleeding is never concealed from GOD (the only one the matters).

Watch Anne Klein
Necklace from Avon

OK!!!! Not sure why I am looking sad/mad. Sunday was a good day. :)

Shoes from Newport News.

Next, hubby and I went to see Transformers (his pick not mine)!
 And dinner at O'Charleys...I loveeeeeeee the bread; always have to take some home!

I pulled out a pair of Dereon jeans and Tee.

Cute Back!

Sandals Nordstrom Rack.

Enjoy the week ahead!


  1. I Love the suit...you should not retire it! I enjoy the cut of the Dereon shirt! I see you doing your thang in those sandals!!! :)

  2. @Strictli Hair, thanks! ...working the sandals!

  3. Very cute. I love the transition from professional to casual.

  4. @The 1 Ms. H.B.I.C.©, thanks.


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