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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Country Living

Hello All, I have really missed posting. Have you guys missed me? :)
I have been super busy! I was visiting the parents last weekend in Florida...in the country.  As I was standing in the backyard trying to get reception on my cell, my tablet, my notebook (any connection would do to feed my web thirst) the tranquility of country living was lost on my desire to connect with the world wide web. I stopped for a moment to snap this picture in appreciation of what was so easily lost on me.

I can appreciate country living but having to drive about 20 miles for a decent connection made me more than happy to return to the A.

City Slickers, can you give up the hustle and bustle for country living?
Country Bumpkins (I use this phrase in love; ...is that possible???), could you adapt to city living?

Welcome Back to Me!


  1. Beautiful picture. I love would the slow pace of the country but like you, I would need reception to connect the web, It's a definite must that I am able to use my cell. I think I would have been like you.

  2. @The 1 Ms. H.B.I.C.©, it was almost like torture :). My brother was like...'I gotta get out of these woods; can't place a call!!!!'. And to think we grew up there with no problems or worries.

  3. Well SAT,

    I love the country when I need to get away from the *City Slickers* & the Hustle & Bustle of everyday life. Oh & when I wanted some homemade buscuits & such.
    But since I am from UP North, I can't give IT up!
    I feel like if I become a country *Bumpkin* my life will NEVA be the same.

    I love the city lyfe.....



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