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Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Monday!

Hello All, I hope everyone had  a FANTABULOUS weekend I did!
Hubby and I had a great dinner at Toribio's Mexican Bar & Grill. Hubby had chicken and shrimp and I had steak...hmmmmm!

Hung out with the Southside Divas at Playdate Atlanta!

And received an awesome word on Sunday. I was reminded to not sit on my gifts! I Got It! 

This is what I wore.
Skirt -Ross, Top -Can't remeber (I've had it forever), Shoes -DSW

 The sweater wrap...LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I got this from Foverver 21 for $5.99. Granted it's a billion degres outside but it's cold in the sanctuary.
This so versatile. Arms in, arms out, hang long, wrap around. Did I say I LOVE this?
I LOVE it :).

Happy Monday and have a great week!


  1. U look FAB! U know I love food! Can't w8 til our next meet UP! I have planned some good eateries (is that a word) for us! Hoping you can join us.

    NO SITTING ON GIFTS! You are so cr8tive!


  2. Thank you V! I am ready for the eateries :).
    Getting up off the gifts!!!


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