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Monday, October 10, 2011

Girl Talk

Hello All, hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend! No plans for
me going into the weekend but on Saturday a friend and I had an impromptu 'meet up'.  We decided to meet at our local Goodwill. After our initial walk around it became sadly obvious that we really were not in the mood for shopping....can you believe that!?

We didn't fight it or force it; instead we went for some much needed Girl Talk!

           Mudslide                                                                :o)                                            Sangria

This is just what we needed. As always we had a great time! ...had to be generous on the tip because we were there a while. I know this can be frowned on at times but is also necessary at times and this was one of those times :o)!

Here is what I wore:
DKNY Jeans -Burlington
Top -AJ Wright (right before they closed)
Watch -Avon
Shoes -Beauty Supply Store

Ring -MaKayla's Closet

 The back (and price at $5) were the contributing factors in this purchase.

Make it a Magnificent Monday!

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