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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Five Reasons Jackie Was Voted Off The Island On “Basketball Wives LA”

jackie confrontation basketball wives la Last night was a hilarious and drama filled episode of “Basketball Wives LA”. The girls were continuing their relaxing Hawaiian vacation and still unveiling new drama that Jackie caused. In an attempt to smooth things over with Jackie at the beginning of the episode, all the ladies meet during breakfast to try and confront Jackie about her manipulative ways. Nothing gets resolved in this confrontation however, as Jackie comes in the room already on the defense and ready for whatever the girls had to throw at her. After a brief shouting match, the girls realize that it’s no getting through to Jackie and decide to go clear their heads by doing a little shopping.

Now, I don’t know about you, but picking out cute shoes with the enemy doesn’t make things okay! Jackie seemed confused that there was still tension in the air between her and the girls during their shopping outing, and continued to try and find someone to pull to the side and talk about how fake every one is, although it seemed like this time, none of the girls were actually listening.
Later on in the episode, Malaysia gets a phone call from another “basketball wife” who dishes on what Jackie has said about each and every girl on the show. At this point, everyone has had enough of Jackie’s ways and they collectively (yes, Draya included) decide to vote Jackie off the island and send her packing back to LA! Ouch!
Here are five reasons why Jackie was voted off the island on last night’s episode!

1. Because she is the island! Prior to Jackie’s exit, she stated, “me voted off the island? I AM the island!” Anyone who thinks they are the whole island of Hawaii deserves to be sent home. I’m just saying!

2. Because she’s “tacky Jackie”. After the girls decided to send Jackie packing, Draya said, “Say goodbye to tacky Jackie!” The nickname itself pretty much sums up reason number two why Jackie should have been voted off the island.

3. Because she brought her husband on the trip. Where was Doug Christie hiding all this time? He just randomly appeared during this episode only for us to find out that he has been on the vacation with her all this time? I thought this was supposed to be a relaxing GIRLS vacation? I guess it’s a good thing that she brought her hubby along so he could help her pack those bags when her time was up!

4. Because shes “coo-ky” and she’s like 59 and a half (in Laura’s voice). All this drama was so unnecessary. The back and forth, he said she said, it was enough to make me crazy! It’s no reason all that drama should have occurred during a vacation in paradise and it all came from Jackie. I would have sent her packing too and went back to sipping Pina Coladas on the beach!

5. Because her horse sensed that she had a bad vibe. When the girls went horse back riding, the horse that Jackie chose to ride seemed to sense that she had a bad vibe. According to Draya, horses can sense when people have evil spirits surrounding them. I wouldn’t want anybody with an evil spirit close to me during my vacation!

Why do you think that Jackie was voted off the island?


  1. Tacky Jackie!!!! LOL!!!!

    Girrrrl, Jackie is clueless... I really think something is wrong with the chic she can't see that she started all the drama & she's the person behind all the MESS! SMH & LOL!!!!

  2. Yessssssss, she is so extra! Laura is right she is cooky!!! I am not sure how Doug puts up with her...then again he tagged along on a ladies vacay....hmmmmm.....


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