If you’re seeing someone, take this quiz to find out if your relationship’s fit as a fiddle or in dire need of some nursing skills.

1. The little getaway you’re planning for the weekend is:
• A trip for two — you and someone besides your partner. (Score = -1)
• A mini adventure — for one. (Score = 1)
• A trip with several other friends. (Score = 2)
• A meal at a “destination” restaurant. (Score = 3)
• A romantic mini-vacation for just the two of you. (Score = 4)

2. The thought of discussing the future of your relationship makes you:
• Want to dematerialize. (Score = -1)
• Reach for something to settle your stomach. (Score = 1)
• Determined to talk about it tomorrow. (Score = 2)
• A little nervous. (Score = 3)
• Excited to plan your future together. (Score = 4)
3. How often do you argue?
• When don’t we? (Score = -1)
• Whenever we’re together for more than an hour. (Score = 1)
• A few times a month. (Score = 2)
• Sometimes. (Score = 3)
• Hardly ever. (Score = 4)

4. When you discuss your goals with your partner, he or she:
• Laughs at what you want, or dismisses it. (Score = -1)
• Daydreams. (Score = 1)
• Points out that we don’t want the same things in life. (Score = 2)
• Is supportive. (Score = 3)
• Is your most enthusiastic cheerleader. (Score = 4)

5. What TV show best characterizes your relationship?
House; emotional dysfunction is your strong suit. (Score = -1)
Grey’s Anatomy; there’s always some drama about to happen. (Score = 1)
General Hospital; nothing too serious, but still requires daily attention. (Score = 2)
Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition; nothing that can’t be fixed with some effort (and elective surgery). (Score = 3)
Scrubs; we have our problems, sure, but they’re usually resolved in 23 minutes. (Score = 4)

Less than 0 points: Somebody deliver last rites! Unfortunately, it’s too late to save this relationship.
Tip: Break up now so you’re both free to find mates who are better matches.

0-5 points: Code blue... This relationship is fading fast, unfortunately.
Tip: If you truly care for each other, get some professional help. If you’ve been waiting for a reason to pull the plug, do it now.

6-10 points: Check your vital signs. This relationship can be saved if you want it to live.
Tip: It’s time to have a “state of the union” chat with your partner. Find a neutral location and talk about how each of you feels things are going and what you both want out of the relationship in the near future.

11-15 points: Preventive medicine. Your relationship’s in pretty good shape, actually.
Tip: To keep this partnership healthy, initiate more open conversations about your goals for both the relationship and yourself — say, once a month — as a tune-up.

16-20 points: A clean bill of health. This relationship is in perfect health. Congratulations!
Tip: Don’t slack off; keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s working.