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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sheree Whitfield Doesn’t Deserve Child Support; Find Out What Dirty Stunt She Pulled

Hello all, do you agree with this article? ....hmmm, no matter what the kids need to be taken care of!!!!
Sheree Whitfield of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is not getting child support for a reason. The courts frowned on the fact that the ex-wife of former NFL star Bob Whitfield defrauded him in a court-ordered settlement, the media reports.
Sheree, in addition to having to be chased down to pay her lawyer Phaedra Parks for her services — again — she was not forthcoming about the reasons Bob Whitfield is not in jail like other deadbeat dads is because, well, he might not be a deadbeat after all.
This is the breakdown: When Sheree and Bob Whitfield got divorced, the judge ordered them to sell their dream mansion and split the proceeds. Bob was ordered to give her $25,000 up front and $400,000 once the house was sold. But Sheree thought she found a sliver of an opening in the law and she pounced on the opportunity with jackal-like instincts.
Sheree, behind the court’s back, asked Bob to give her the $400,000 up front so that she could secure a home for their children. Bob agreed. But once Sheree got the bundles of Benjamins in her hand, she filed multiple lawsuits and refused to leave the house or pay the mortgage. Predictably, the bank came knocking on the door, slapped foreclosure papers in Sheree’s grill and poured the Whitfield clan out of the house and into the streets. Bob lost all the equity he had accrued in the house as a result of Sheree’s actions.
Another brilliant scheme cooked by the She by Sheree fashion line founder and pseudo actress.
The court let Sheree know that it didn’t find her actions amusing. It also warned Sheree that she, in fact, may owe her ex-husband a thick stack for squandering the equity in their home. –terry shropshire

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