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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Time Flies

Hello All, Happy Thursday...another week comes to an end; BUT this isn't just another week, it's the last week of the year! Time sure flies when you're having fun or not.  As I reflect on the year I can acknowledge the GOOD, bad, and ugly but God's Will trumped it all. I embrace my trials and tribulations just as I do my joys and accomplishments because it all has a hand in making me who I am....and that is someone pretty awesome whom I LOVE to pieces! ...hey, we should all feel this way about ourselves!

On to the look:

Yesterday's look was a stretch for me because I am not a leggings kind of girl (always thought me legs were too skinny :o); but I did it and had fun with it!
I also never realized how many coats I have purchased from NY&C over the years...hmmm

Coat -NY&Co

Boots -Shoe Depot (Old)

Leggings -me no remember. (Have had them for years, second time wearing)
Tunic -Monroe&Main (Catalog-Years Ago)
Scarf -Gift from Mom (Old)

Watch -Avon

Enjoy the Last Few Days of 2011!!!


  1. Leggings are sooo comfy! And, you look very chic wearing them!

    Wishing you a peacful & prosperous New Years!!!!

  2. You look too cute! I love the boots and polka dot dress! You are so right, this year flew by!


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