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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Monday Blues on Tuesday

Hello All, yesterday it was 24 degrees in Atlanta ...OMG! Can anyone say COLD!!!!? I was freezing....
It was also my first day back to work from holiday break. I was fighting the Monday blues on Tuesday BUT the champ that I am I pressed on and had a good day!

Check out what I wore to stay warm:

High Waist Baby Phat Jeans -Macy's (High Waist Shown Here)
Sweater with removable oversized cowl neck collar  -NY&Co
Coat -NY&Co
Scarf -Avon
Boots -Old...me no remember
Bag -Bartered

                                                                                        Ring -Avon

                       LOOK at my BOOTS!  ...HA!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Brrrrr.... the HAWK was out!!!!! Your sweater looks nice & cozy. Continue to try & stay warm; this that coco weather!!!!

  2. @Lynn, it is just that...cozy. The neck is something else though :).
    Stay warm!

  3. I love anything high-waisted! It was 25 degrees in FLorida this morning so I definitely did not want to get out of the bed! You looked fashionably cozy!

  4. sooo cute!!!

  5. That sweater is nice. And yes it was freezing outside yesterday. I only went out because of the dog...I didn't go anywhere.

  6. Thanks ladies. This sweater was perfect for yesterday's freezing weather.


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