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Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday...My Day of Rest

Hello All, Happy Monday! Another day off (all smiles) but back to work tomorrow. I had a very relaxing weekend and expecting the same today as I prepare for the work week ahead....a 4 day work week at that (all smiles again)! Yesterday after church we watched football, and football, and more football! :o)

Recap....the Saints were really good, the Buccaneers were really bad, I guess that made the Falcons really good? ...hmmm  Close games -Dolphins won and the Jags won, Chiefs beat the Broncos. And Giants won the anticipated match up with the Cowboys. Next week the Falcons will tangle with the Giants!

Anyhoo, check out what I wore to church:

Coat -NY&Co / Leggings -CitiTrends / Boots -Shoe Depot / Bag -Nine West
Earrings -Avon

Wrap Dress -Me no remember; I've had it for yearssss!
Necklace -Christmas gift from my VWBF (Virtual Work Best Friend...She's in Portland) Ha!

Watch and Bracelet -Avon

Have a Magnificent Monday!!!!

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