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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reality Check?

Hello All, Happy Tuesday!
What did you think of last night's Love & Hip Hop Reunion Show Reality Check?
Really ladies is it that serious; we can't all sit in a room and have a discussion. A Mess!!!

Check out Friday's look:
Jeans -NY&Co / Blouse & Jacket -Thirted / Shoes -JustFab / Bag -Avon


  1. Nice outfit and I need those shoes! But, I watched that show last night and it kind of turned me off from wanting to watch a third season. I know that reality shows aren't really reality but to see how the producers really create drama is sickening. I am seriously getting turned off by all the drama on reality tv.

  2. Cute Outfit!!!! And, Love & Hip Hop has gotten wayyyy out of CONTROL!!!! But folks feed off drama so it will return with even BIGGER DRAMA!!!!

  3. Just checkin in on ya...hope all is well!



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