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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

20 Things Black Women Secretly Hate About Men


20. We hate when you do this in public. Please refrain!

19. Unless you are a rebellious teen, pull your pants up. Not cute!

18. We hate your public display of bodily functions.

17. We hate dirty hands/fingernails.

16. We hate your unkempt house.

15. We hate when you check out other women in front of us.

14. We hate it when you don't do what you say you are going to do.

13. We hate when you bring your ex's favorite moves into the bedroom.

12. We hate your grill.

11. Share your secrets.

10. We hate your shoe collection and the joy it brings you.

9. We hate when you pull that disappearing act.

8. We hate boys night out. Nothing good can come from this.

7. We hate that you fear our kids.

6. We love your mother; we hate your 'Big Momma'.

5. We hate when you brag about your sexual prowess.

4. We hate when you fake your riches, like with this fake ATM receipt.

3. We hate when you are indecisive about where you want to be. Don't play games.

2. We hate that some of you deny our Black is Beautiful.

1. We hate vengeful men.


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