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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Neutral Love

Pants and Blouse -NY&Co / Shoes -JustFab
  Hello All, how goes it?

Whose watching American Idol? Jessica Sanchez was at risk of going home but the judges used their 'one save' to keep her in the competition. Next week someone will go home. Who will it be???

I am also a neutral kind of girl. HA!


  1. I have not been keeping up with American Idol this year... I don't know who's who!!!! Lol

    Neutral is always great; I wish u had a close up of the shoes! ;))

  2. Ya know I'm kinda over American Idol. Love the top!

    1. I think alot of people are :). Thanks!

  3. I'm loving the enire ensemble but I am especially in love with those shoes!


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