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Monday, April 9, 2012

Springy Tops and Goodbye Sheree???

Check out my Springy tops!
Top-Avon / Jeans-NY&Co / Shoes-Nordstrom Rack

Hello All.
Hoping every had a Happy Easter and inspiring day.

So I hear Sheree has been released / let go / terminated / canned / fired from RHOA (Real Housewives of Atlanta). According to Ms. 'How You Doin' Wendy Williams, Sheree didn't take the news well, crying and begging to stay. Citing she 'really needs the money'.
So, I wasn't a Sheree fan the first season or two but I thought she mellowed out and seemed less pretentious in more recent seasons.
On the other side of that coin, in the the grand scheme of things you never know when these series will end. The money is good...relatively/great...realistically speaking. So SAVE and bite my tongue how about a CHANGE in lifestyle. HA!

If the rumors are true I hope she has made progress in the area of child support and has a back up plan or two.

Tops-Dots / Jeans-NY&Co / Sandals - Beauty Supply Store
Watch & Bracelets -Avon



  1. I love the green top! Perfect for spring.

  2. This look is very cute and looks very comfortable. And, as far as Sheree is concerned, I just read today that she decided not to return. Who knows the real deal but I will miss her. I know I miss Lisa Wu too.


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