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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Women Cheat Because of WHAT???

Hello All. What do you think about this article about women cheating and the reason behind those cheating ways? HA! 
What women cheaters want: Author Kelly Porter speaks.

...says Porter...speaking from my own experience, the one time I did cheat I felt as if my man wasn’t interested in me anymore. His behavior had changed toward me and he was rarely home. I was lonely and filled with lust for a very handsome young man and after a period of time of constantly seeing him out, I gave in. I was looking to fill a void of sex and love, and of course, I only found sex.

Generally speaking, women cheat for the following reasons:
§  For the thrill of it; they know they can get away with it
§  Selfishness
§  She loves sex
§  Her man is cheating
§  There is an inability to communicate with her man regarding problems, and can’t find a solution
§  There is a lack of an emotional connection at home
§  She has a fear of commitment
§  She is lonely
§  Overwhelming lust and desire for someone new
§  The sex is bad or boring at home
§  She seeks a more endowed man
§  Her man is non-attentive

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