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Monday, June 6, 2011

Flats.....Who Me?

Hello, I hope everyone had a marvelous Monday!
I wanted to share a cute find.  First, my disclosure on flats...I don't normally wear them. I love heels and wear all the time....heels for every occasion!
But what I am posting...yes FLATS!.
Well, a couple of weeks ago I was preparing for a long weekend in New York and flats were a necessity. Nothing was calling my name so I said Oh Well...Next on the list...a local beauty supply store. As I take my purchases to to check out I see these sandals stacked in front of the register. How Cute!



...and best of all they were $12.99!

My fave footwear at the moment but please believe nothing takes the place of my HEELS!


  1. Well I am the same way with heels. I need heels all day EVERYDAY! Flats aggravate me.
    Flats do nothing for me. I feel like I am on the ground. I do however like these! Hmmm can I get a high heel with these stones on them!

  2. I have to admit I'm a huge fan of the flats....Heels kill me feet but I will wear wedges. These flats are just in time for summer and there so cute....but nothing beats that price! Cheers to the flats...

  3. @ V, I know right. Heels would make this the perfect summer shoe!

    @ Katie Mac, my thoughts exactly...nothing beats that price. I have worn heels so much that I usually trip over my feet in flats. I'll just be tripping for the summer!

  4. SAT....these sandals are too cute!!!! And you surely cant beat that price! I think the brown ones would look really sassy in a Tribal inspired Maxi dress or one with earth tones. But like yourself, I am lover of heels! I wear them daily and my friends at work think I'm crazy because I can stay in them all day! Have fun & be sure to take plenty of pics in your new flats! :)

  5. I do the heels all day as well. I am actually more comfortable in heels than flats.
    I really like the brown and will be taking some snap shots...


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