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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Best Blog Award

Hello All, how stoked was I to get another award...YEAH! Thanks to Gettin Cazhmerred.. by Cocoa who's that? Be sure to check her out!

Rules for the award are to post 7 facts about yourself, answer the questions listed below and be sure to pass it forward!

About me:
I have 4 nieces; no nephews.
I enjoy weekend shut-ins with Lifetime movies.
I am always cold. I have a space heater under my desk at work; I use it year round.
My older brother and my birthdays are 11 months apart.
I love to read.
I am gifted to write poetry.
I could listen to old school slow jams all day long.

Favorite Color: Black...according to my dad black is not a color; but I love all things black! :(
Favorite Song: I have soooo many; hmmm I love Luther Barnes --'I'm Still Holding On'
Favorite desert: Chocolate Cake; Chocolate Brownies
Biggest Pet Peeve: Liars
When you are upset you: Talk to my hubby
Favorite Pet: NONE!!!
Black or White???: Black
Biggest Fear: Hell....   Also, falling down in public :).
Best Feature: My Smile/Eyes
Everyday Attitude: Happy & Carefree
What is perfection: Heaven! Heaven on earth...Spending time with great family and friends.
Guilty Pleasure: Electronics; I love gadgets!

...as I am still new to this wonderful world of blogging and have just recently passed 'The Lovely Blog Award' to my favorites. I now pass the Best Blog award to each of you along with the new blogs I have recently started following. I thoroughly enjoy each of your blogs!

I would also like to each of you that follow me and take the time to read my posts. It is greatly appreciated!.


  1. That is tooo funny ---> BLACK is NOT a color... Daddy got JOKES!!!! lol

    ~Congrats on the AWARD!

  2. @V, thanks Lady!

    @Lynn, yes dad can have jokes at times! Thanks!

  3. Congrats darling! Black is AWESOME!!! Though I've never heard it wasn't a color...

  4. @High Heels & Good Meals!, I know right! He says it represents darkness and the devil. Talk about extreme!


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