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Saturday, July 9, 2011



Touched by this passion, I

draw closer to you.

Surprised by the feelings, I

fight the urge to flee from you.

Overwhelmed by the confusion, I

remain alert in you.

Sensitive to your touch, I

yearn for the tenderness of you.

Open to what could be, I

allow myself to receive you.

by: SAT


  1. Very nice poem. I went to poetry night the last 2 Thursday, I used to write myself. But haven't lately, I've been thinking I may just start back. :)

  2. Nice poem! Just found your blog:-)

  3. @Inez of Style Chic 360, Thanks. I'll start and stop, write and stop. My last hiatus last a few years. We should both start back strong! :)

    @Mrs. Pancakes, thank you and thanks for stopping by, come back for more :).

  4. Heyyyy Sonya... do you do Spoken Word because if so I have the PERFECT spot for you we meet once a month on the 2nd Friday at Our Place Cafe on Main St. College Park for Poetry Night you should come out the cost is just $5 there is always open mic.

  5. LA Lynn's, No Spoken Word for me :). Maybe I can check it out next time.


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