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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hello All, as I was getting dressed this morning listening to 11 Alive News, Ways to Save segment, I had to pause to watch the below featured boutique...Doubletake Recycled Luxury. Go here to see the piece covered on the news.

Interested in what they really had to offer I took a break from work and popped in! The boutique is small but fully stocked. The feature describes the boutique as having high end merchandise from $20 to $100.

I picked up this BCBG top for $10. The owner was super nice and said he displays new merchandise daily.  Check out his blog Doubletake Recycled Luxury Boutique .

I didn't have time to do my survey of each rack, each piece but I'm sure I'll pop in again.

Have a great night!


  1. Oh yes....I am in love with that shirt. Is this a place that I can put the GOODWILL on the back burner?
    I sooo love that shirt. So "Chinese Proverbish"


  2. @V, we definitely need to make another visit.

  3. Yep, I will be checking them out... thanks for sharing! BTW, the shirt is a cutie. :))

  4. @LA Lynn's, Thanks. Make sure you check out the blog for the word of the day to get 20% off your purchase.


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