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Friday, July 8, 2011

Reflection for the Day: Stick With That Which Is Right

I Thessalonians 5:21 Prove all things, hold fast to that which is good.

Thought for the Day: Don't Be In A Rush To Say Amen

Reflection for the Day: Stick With That Which Is Right

In today's church world you will be provided with many thoughts and opinions. It is essential that before you say amen that you give time for prayerful evaluation. One must distinguish what is of man and what is of God. Don't be swayed by the opinions of man or even your own feelings. Once it is determined that it is of God, stick with it.

Do you quickly accept what is presented to you especially if it is packaged as if it is from the Lord? Learn to be more cautious and prayerful. Before signing on to anything it must be confirmed that it is of God. Seek Godly counsel and be assured that what you are endorsing belongs to the Lord.


  1. This is true we have to be careful cause sometimes agreeing and saying Amen can cause us to miss out on our true blessings. I can admit I am guilty of rushing to agree and then later on question the very thing I said Amen too.. so now I have to wait and ponder and ask God for clarification.

  2. @CocoagirlD, I too have been guilty of quickly co-signing something, especially if it appears Godly. I try to make a conscious effort to receive confirmation first.


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