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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hello All, it's almost the weekend! :)
Take a look at my Just Fabulous pick. These were not the usual $39.99; but $19.99 after my discount...Love it! It's so exciting coming home to a box at the door....like Christmas or 'me' birthday throughout the year....I digress....

Have to decide what to pair these with. What do you think?

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Sonya, the shoes are cute. Can't wait to see how ROCK them. I too took advantage of the $19.99 deal... my shoes should be arriving soon! ~Stay tuned

    BTW, I love the new blog layout and you have a wonderful weekend as well! :))

  2. Did you say you got me somen' for My Bornday? Or is that my EARLY Christmas gift?
    Hmmm maybe I should go back and read the post!

    I have the Purrfect pair of skyblue linen pants to wear.
    Thank you for those FabUloUs shoes!


  3. LOVE THEM! They would work with just about anything. Dressed up or down...we shall see.

  4. Love them! I love coming home to deliveries too!

  5. I like them. I'm glad you like your first order.


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