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Friday, August 12, 2011

Sister2Sister Ladies Night Out

Hello All, Southside Divas had an awesome time last night at the Sister2Sister Ladies Night Out.
Shopping, good music, photo shoots, complimentary massages were just a few of attractions of the evening.

 Shoes look familiar??? These are my Just Fabulous purchase.
One of the Eye Candies on hand blessing the ladies with complimentary massages.

With Towanda and Trina Braxton (Braxton Family Values).

Meeka Claxton (Basketball Wives)

A few of the Celebs on hand promoting were Tiny Cottle (Tiny's Nail Bar), Toya Wright (New York best selling book, Priceless Inspirations), Kandi Burress (Bedroom Kandi).
Bobby Valentino made a surprise cameo.

And of Jamie Foster Brown (Publisher of Sister2Sister magazine)

 Had to stop myself from buying this one :).

Jumper NY&C.
Bag...yes this the the barter bag!

Swag bags!  ...the contents of bag was not impressive at all! BUT it was a great evening!
Have a Magnificent Weekend!


  1. Yeah, Yeah, I see those shoes! I THOUGHT U were giving them to me! Fooey....Ya look gr8!

    Amazing pics. U know Trina is my HEART! She just keeps it real. Finally met Meeka and it's QUEENS baby. (my side of life)She so NOT what bbw put her out there to be.

    Love that jumper......

    Umm SWAG Bags! Well alRighty Then! haha


  2. You looked GREAT! Those shoes went perfect with the jumper! Looks like you definitely had a great time!

  3. Thanks V, so much for my mad rush for my swag bag...Oh Well, I still enjoyed myself.

    @Trice, yes it was a great time. The shoes were a big hit!

  4. You look amazing I love that jumpsuit and those shoes amazing!

  5. Wow you look great and the shoes are fab!


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