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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hello All, Happy Saturday! How was your day? Mom & I popped out this morning for a few errands then back in the house we went and stayed.
Just as I anticipated this was day of rest and relaxation and I watched my shows from this week :).

Check out yesterday's casual look: 
Pants -Dereon Jeans (can't remember from where)
Leather Jacket -JC Penney
Tank & Sweater -...can't remember :(
Shoes -K&G 
I found this leather jacket a few years ago at JC Penney. It was originally $99. I found it on a clearance rack for $19.99 ...SCORE!!!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend...I'll be resting!


  1. Score exactly.... Love that JACKET!!!!! :D

  2. Thank you LA Lynn's :)... I'm loving it too!

  3. Yeah definitely SCORE! I have been looking for a tan leather jacket that's reasonably priced for a few seasons now. I love it!

  4. Thanks Trice. It was a random visit to JCP with a friend. A leather jacket was the last thing on my mind as it was summer. There it was..couldn't pass it up.


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