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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shecky' 2011

Hello All, check out some of the pictures from Shecky's Atlanta at the Biltmore Ballrooms.

Not as many vendors in attendance at this session as in years past. Nonetheless the tasties and sippies were still flowing!

Pants -Nordstrom Rack; Bodysuit -Avon; Cropped Jacket -Me No Remember :(; Hat - Random store in mall; Shoes -Steve Madden/Ross

 Shoe and Bag Love

A swing on the pole. HA!

Enjoy your Day!


  1. hate I missed it! But it looks like they had some awesome items.

  2. @ Corie, they did, but not as many vendors. I still enjoyed it!!!

  3. It looked like you enjoyed yourself. I agree with Corie there were some great items. And, I loved the outfit.


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