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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Five Largest Malls In America

It is that time of year...Shop, Shop, Shop... check out the five largest malls in America, measured by the most important criteria: number of stores, of course! Happy shopping, everyone!

Mall: Mall of America
Location: Bloomington, MN
Number of Stores: 522+
Non-Shopping Features: Nickelodeon Universe is an indoor theme park with roller coasters and numerous other rides. There’s also an aquarium, with all kinds of sea creatures, sharks included.

Mall: King of Prussia Mall
Location: King of Prussia, PA
Number of Stores: 400+
Non-Shopping Features: From 2008 to 2009, the Philadelphia Freedoms tennis team, a tennis court was built in the Bloomingdale’s parking lot.

Mall: Palisades Center
Location: West Nyack, NY
Number of Stores: 400
Non-Shopping Features: The ice skating rink is located on the third floor. In the food court, there’s a Ferris wheel as well as a two-story carousel, which replaced the 102-year old Carousel Number 15 in 2009.

Mall: The Galleria
Location: Houston, TX
Number of Stores: 375
Non-Shopping Features: Two Westin Hotels (Westin Galleria, Westin Oaks) are inside the Galleria and the ice skating rink here, known as Polar Ice, was the first one built inside a mall.

Mall: Sawgrass Mills
Location: Sunrise, FL
Number of Stores: 350
Non-Shopping Features: The Billiard Club is an upscale billiards hall with over 21 tables, and a full liquor bar. Perfect for those who are tired of shopping, and need a place to unwind.



  1. Been to the Galleria and Sawgrass! Both are pretty amazing!

  2. I would love to go to each one of them but would settle for just a visit to one of them.


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