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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kardashian Madness and Another NY&Co COAT!!!!

Hello All, today is a good day. My Tuesday is sooooooo much better than my Monday. Yeah for me.

I watched Kourtney and Kim Take New York last night...my OMG moment was Kourtney throwing away items in Scott's parents home! I was sitting there with me mouth open for a few before uttering WTH (What the What)!!!! Please someone tell me this grown woman is not that clueless. Who does that!!!!
Early on these shows would have one believe Kim and Kourtney were the go to sisters that had it all together. Ahhhhhh No....just my opinion but Khloe is the one that appears to have it together. She was just as surprised as I about her Kourtney's craziness (but she did help..eye roll). She was as taken aback as I about Kim's irrational BBM. It's Khloe that seems to get it by putting her marriage before the hoopla. Well she did get a show with her husband BUT she didn't go back to Miami with Kourtney leaving her husband in LA. ...such entertainment!

Anyhoo, this is what I wore yesterday:
Coat (another great find with one of my coupons), Pants, Sweater -NY&Co

Trenchy Me!

Shoes Newport News

 Happy Tuesday!


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