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Monday, December 5, 2011

Mama Joyce and My Cool Blues

Hello All! Happy Monday....let's make it a great week!

So, last night's episode of RHOA told me why Mama Joyce was upset about RiDicKlous at the birthday party last week....because I was a little confused. She felt as though she was disrespected because she is the 'mama'.  One would think Mama Joyce down like that, I mean Kandi did say they have strippers at alot of the family's birthday parties, even her baby shower. Mama Joyce has been hanging out with the ladies while questionable conversations have been going on.

She had a valid point ...would Phaeydra have done that in her mother's presence...no; nor would I but Mama Joyce has put herself on the friend level with the ladies.
There is a very fine line in trying to be 'homegirls' (as Kandi says) with your mom/daughter. It's difficult to have it both ways.

What do you think?

Check out my Cool Blues look from the weekend:
Jeans -Dereon
Sweater -NY&Co
Boots -Naturalizer

Enjoy Your Week!
20 Days...til Christmas.

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  1. Well, I am still confused as to why Momma Joyce was "that upset" because as you mentioned, Kandi stated that Joyce has been around strippers before and also, Kandi has a online vlog called Kandi Koated Nights which is dedicated to sex talk. It was Kandi's Birthday and while I can understand Joyce disliking the festivities, I think that she over-reacted by not wanting to speak to Kandi. I also believe that Momma Joyce was an oversight as far as Phaedra was concerned.

    Now, on to your nice casual outfit. I love that color blue. The shirt looks extremely comfortable. I also love the jeans with those boots. Very nice.


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