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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Is the Value Still There?

Hello All, Happy Wednesday! I made it back from J-ville; short trip but I had a great time....hehehe :o)!

Last night I caught on some of my entertainment  reality shows (my guilty pleasure).
The Braxton's Family Value hmmmm.....I guess they can blame it on the aaacohol but Imma have to agree with mom; dinner was total disrespect. In Tamar fashion she started it with the slick comment about cheating husbands. Trina let it rip about yes she did and it was good and yes she did and yes it was good....I was surprised that she even brought it up on TV to her sisters. I mean really did we all need to know she was a giver and not a receiver???? Tamar's take, we (sista's) don't do that especially if we are not getting done FIRST; besides she has to know you for a year. Tracy on the other hand down after 3 months. HA!
And what about reports that Toni is a little saucy with the fame/attention that Tamar is getting? A mess!

Anyhoo, check out yesterday's look:
Sweater and Pants -NY&Co
Boots -Shoe Depot
Watch & Bracelet -Avon

Enjoy your day!


  1. Glad you made it back! I haven't watched the The Braxton's Family Value in awhile!!! Tamar is wayyy over the TOP.com

    BTW, you top is cute!

  2. The Value of the Family BFV is still there however, they have allowed stardom to mess up their personal values.
    I think Traci or however you spell her name has some serious mental issues!
    She is still living in the past from 15 y.a. when she was pregnant.
    I also think that Toni is ready to live minus all of them. Hence I am moving to LA.
    On another note. I wish we could all get along; but you know me, I have a few on my list that I do not value!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Looking FAB no doubt!!


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