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Friday, January 13, 2012

Black & White

 Hello All, welcome to da weekend!!! Are you ready...I AM I AM I AM, but aren't I always! HA!
I am making a quick run to Florida (ok, something about "quick run" just doesn't sound right) but you know what I mean; back home on Sunday...I really need to slow down and be still. I am going to try that soon!
What did you think of the much anticipated talked about season premier of The Game...hmmm. I like it but did the build-up surpass the actual show?

Here is my look from yesterday:
Shorts -Old...me no remember / Shirt - Dots / Jacket -NY&Co
Tights -CitiTrends / Boots -Shot Depot

Bag -My accessory friend!

 How you like my butterfly shirt?
Belt/Tie -from another shirt / Bracelet, Watch, Earrings -Avon / Necklace -Christmas gift from my VWBF (Virtual Work Best Friend)

Have an Awesome Weekend!


  1. I really love that outfit. And as far as The Game, I have'nt watched it since Kelly left and it seemed to get more dark, if you know what I mean. Even though it's plenty of eyecandy on that show!

    1. Thanks! Yes the eyecandy is present....

  2. Cute I love how you paired the shorts with the top. And...yes I do love that top! I haven't even watched an episode of the Game at all. I couldn't tell you what's going on. But I know of a lot of people who love that show.

    1. Thanks Corie. The show does seem to be a hit with lots of people. The fans are responsible for it being back on air.

  3. Love the top and as for The Game....it was a weird season opener!

  4. Thanks Trice! Weird season opener....trying too hard maybe? :-)

  5. Need that neckhanger to add to Brooke's Closet collection!
    I need the shirt to hide my rolls~
    And you l@@k FAB per usual!!



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