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Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Sunday Black

Hello All, how was the weekend? Hubby and I were in relaxed mode all weekend. It was great!
Awesome message today. Subject: What to do when reality invades your hope.
When our heart's desire lines up with God's heart desire for us, the reality of a situation does not matter.

3 Things we have to realize.
1. Some things are just in God's plans.
2. Some things we just have to go through.
3. Some processes matter in heaven that means nothing to us on earth.

3 Things we need to do.
1. Watch who you communicate your feelings to.
2. Don't assume no one knows what you are going through.
3. Don't give up your faith and truth.


I was wearing an Anne Klein suite from Ross!

....and my cell phone barter sandals; you can see it in this post.

Ready for a wonderful week!


  1. OMG, I love those sandals! I remember that barter post!

  2. I love the suit. It looks very stylish yet, comfortable. I also love the sandals.

  3. I looove those sandals. They're so cute.

  4. Those sandals are too cute and I love your new blog layout!

  5. The sandals are adorable... *wondering if they are a size 9* #Hmmm lol


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