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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Through It All

Through It All

In the last few months I have weathered the storms
Endured trials and tribulations and other things that formed
And through it all I can still smile
Because my Jesus was with me through each and every mile
It takes me back to all I have been taught
God will not put any battles on me that cannot be fought
So I dry my eyes and chase away my tears
My faith emerges and away goes my fears
Through it all I have made it out

To my Jesus, praises, I will continually shout
My father above is so good to me
In his presence I will always be
I can now boldly say that 'through it all'
No matter what I go through, my Jesus is there to catch my fall.


  1. I needed to the read this. I've been going through a lot myself. So to see that you have weathered the storm and everything is just fine makes me look towards a positive outcome as well.

    Thank you!


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