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Monday, September 26, 2011

Good Day at the Goodwill

Hello All!
Mom, who is visiting with us for a couple of months, and I popped into the new Goodwill in McDonough on Saturday.

Two hours and $36 later we left all smiles!

Check out these great finds:

Mom's Selections

She saw this blouse and immediately reached for it...loving the colors. $4.94

Worthington Pants $4.94

Dress $5.95

Blazer $5.95

My Picks...for me and others...

Jones New York Pants $4.94

Look at that price tag....$74.00 to $29.97 to my $4.94!

O-N-L-Y Jeans.Co -Stretch Pants $4.94 -- Tags attached!

Louis Vuitton Capris $2.92

Yes, this was a Good day at the Goodwill!

Have a Fantabulous Week!


  1. Wowzers... you have some niiiiice pieces!!!! The GREEN top is GORGE and I'm totally digging the blazer!!!!! ~Can't wait to see you pair them up!!!


  2. What they ~HAY~...U out HAULIN' it w/o me?~.
    Me NOOOOOO likey that....

    Me NOOOOOO Likey....

    Gr8 deals those Missy....

    ~brooke's closet


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