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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Seek Peace Not To Win

Proverbs 25:8. Go not forth hastily to strive,lest thou know not what to do in end thereof, when thy neighbor hath put thee to shame.

Thought for the Day: Be Not Quick To Plead Your Case
Reflection for the Day: Seek Peace Not To Win
The spirit of an individual should be one that seeks peace not conflict. Though it may appear you have been wronged yet move slowly. Not knowing all the details of the situation, if you go forth to plead your case in the end you may find yourself put to shame. Seek peace rather than to win.

How often did you feel mistreated and you sought to prove your case? As secure as you may be that you know all the details of the situation you may become embarrassed when the truth comes to light. Live with a spirit that seeks peace; not one that has to always to win the battle.

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