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Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Vote for Rain Days!

Hello All, Happy Thursday! We are having some rain in Atlanta. I truly believe we all should get a reprieve from work when it rains. My perfect rain day is a day in bed with hubby, a book, the remote, and some good tunes all at my disposal for whatever mood should tickle my fancy!
What is your perfect rain day?

Not sure what's going on with this gummy smile...HA!
Pants -NY&Co / Silk Blouse -Jones New York-Thrifted / Shoes -Newport News
Jacket -JC Penney / Bag -Nine West-Marshall

Bracelets & Watch -Avon

Have a Terrific Day!!!


  1. I thought I read "Good Times" at first and not "good tunes" (I L-O-V-E Good Times, lol.) So that would be my perfect rainy day, Good TImes, some magazines and something good to eat!

    1. I am a Good Times fan too! I forgot about the snacks...gotta have something good to eat.

  2. You summed it all up it a nutshell for me. BTW, I'm inlove with the jacket and the shoes.


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