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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Monday was a Fun Day

Hello All, Monday was a good day! Beginning of the week and my peeps did not work a nerve at work. That was a good day for me. HA!
I even went home and cooked...yes I did (not an everyday occurrence in my home). Check out what I prepared in yesterday's post Seafood Pasta --My name for :).

I also watched my usual reality shows.. Can you guys help me with Love and Hip Hop....I am so torn with Chrissy; want to like her but sometimes she makes it difficult. Was it really necessary to start in on Yandy? Just let it go...agree to hate each other and keep it moving!

Anywhoo, check out Monday's look:

Shirt -Avon (I actually ordered something else but received this in error. It's cute...so yes I kept it). I wasn't sure about wearing it because it is summery but I did; it was a beautiful day on Monday so it worked. HA!
Pants -NY&Co
Bag -mail order catalog ..cute right?
Bracelet, Watch, Ring -Avon

Leather Jacket -Wilson's

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I am loving that top and blouse! You are looking great!

    I wish I could comment on Love & Hip Hop but that is one of show I didn't start watching...and I watch a few of them. I guess I found out about it well after it started and didn't want to play catch up...lol.


  2. Thanks Tavia. I wish I had not started watching either! :-)

  3. Anyday where the peeps is NOT working ya’ nerve is a good day! lol

    At any rate… Chrissy is ANGRY & has resulted to being a BULLY! I’m slightly over her for real!!!!

    Love your shirt – glad you decided to keep it! Sometimes when we receive the wrong stuff it end up being just right! Funny how that works out… Have a great day lady!

    1. Yes, this wrong order ended up being just right!

  4. Luv the outfit!
    Bag is a must have in my closet!


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